What I Think Everyday With Anorexia.

Look In the mirror fat ***. Look at your self, you're fat and ugly. You don't deserve food, you can go another day or 2 without food. If you listen too me you will be thin and pretty, then everybody will wan't to be you and will stop ignoring you. You can't tell anyone though, this is between me and you. You can trust me. I'm always going to be here, i'm helping you and everyone else is just going to hurt you like they always do! I can tell you how to get away with not eating. Don't worry, Lying to everybody will get easier and easier. You wan't to dance and be a gymnasts right? Well you have to be thin to do it. I'm helping you in your career and your image, trust me. You will thank me, you won't even remember the old fat girl after awhile. I'm glad you trust me and you're going to be soo happy when you're with me. I promise... I won't hurt you.
SaraC09 SaraC09
13-15, F
1 Response Aug 9, 2012

I'm sorry that you're struggling with something this serious. I hope you find a counselor that can help you beat this so you can get healthy and be a great dancer and gymnast.

Thanks, I hope so too.