My body will never be what I want it to be. I work out and TRY to eat right. I have some bad habits and I know they are the reason I will NEVER love my body image.
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You need to change your thoughts not your weight. I'm the same way. Even if I do lose weight I don't like my body. Its a struggle. Wish you luck. Make an effort to change your thoughts and really see you are pretty and that your body is perfect for you. Otherwise you will never have peace with it. Good luck.

The trouble with practically all weight loss programmes is they focus just on diet without any psychological input to change our unproductive thoughts and behaviours. The only programme I know that does cover that is Get Slim Guaranteed. It's guaranteed (meeting an sustaining the goal) because it works, whether face to face in groups for those who live locally, or via the internet for those who live elsewhere.

Don't worry, nobody's perfect (though some people think they are!) I'm not a professional, but I think you should start focusing more on what's good about yourself (and don't say there isn't anything!) In my experience, people look a lot better when they are full of confidence, no matter what they look like. Don't be too self critical!! Message me if you need anything :)

Thanks, I wish I thought there were something good about me.