I Can't Remember A Day I Wasn't Worried About My Weight

It all began in 5th grade. All through school I was skinny but people were mean to me and called me fat. After I got out of school I felt better about myself but I got a DUI when I was 24 and became extremely depressed. I gained 50 pounds in a few months. People called me fat but I really was. Well I started working out and eating better and finally lost about 40 pounds. Well now I'm obsessed with my weight. Some days ill consume 500 calories and I feel proud when I barely eat. The prob is I love food so some days I get out if control and eat a ton of food! It feels good when I'm doing it but after I feel overwhelming guilt so I throw up my food. I know it's gross. It's to the point where every day I either barely eat or I throw up anything I eat. I hide this from everyone. I recently lost another 15 but I still feel like I'm not thin enough. No one says I'm fat but I feel like I am. I'm completely out of control!
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Insteading of puking up your food try the fat fighter...it cuts your bad meals calories in half so your body does not absorb the excess and store as fat heres a demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rceICz3Akwk and the place you can purchase it https://sophiam.myitworks.com/Shop/Product/463

Look into All Natural fat fighters. They absorb 1/3 of the fat from meals. Take it after you eat. That way, when you feel the urge to eat a lot, take that after and you don't need to puke it all up! Make sure you go All Natural though! That way you don't get the jittery feeling or any other bad side effects! I know my friend bought some on wendyhyde45.myitworks.com and she uses them after every meal. What your doing is unhealthy and you will regret it down the road!!

it's my story too. i weigh at average, but i look really fat when i'm with my super petite classmates, and that's when i really feel bad about it.. but i'd never throw up.