Finding Strength From Hardships

In the sixth grade I had my first major crush on a boy named Blake....he sat in front of me in English class and all I could think about was him. Turned out he didn't like me and never would. He called me names, flick paper and paper clips at me, and make fun of me all the time. I remember coming home crying a lot. So since I was little, I realized I wasn't really pretty. I didn't get asked to any school dances and so I found strength in my quest for knowledge and academics. I became really good in school that would lead me to college and give me a sense of hope. My first year of high school I became anorexic and I jsut didn't feel like I fit in at all. But somehow I survived. For my Sweet Sixteen I invited my friends and family to my birthday party and when the party was over all my aunt could say was how prett my friend Sabrina was and how great her life will be and that my life wouldn't be as great because I wasn't as pretty and that I won't be able to find a good job compared to the pretty girls. And then I felt it was true because my friend Sabrina was loved by all...boys, girls, you name it. and I ended up getting fired from my first job. So it seemed that everything my aunt said was true. But inspite of it all, I had my first kiss at 17. My first true love at 18. And I graduated college and I have had many men take me out on dates and they have treated me so kindly. Somehow I found the strength to overcome the negativity and the loneliness and the criticism of other people. I rose above it and I found beautiful love. I found romance. I found and got to live it all. And I have a full time job right now too. Despite what people have said I have found other people who like me and see me in a different light. It's all about me seeing me in a better light so that I can live my life more fully and love other people more fully too.
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not good i am here for you hope we can be friends

just keep on believing in yourself

Thank you :) Somedays are better than others....I take it one day at a time. I hope you are doing well too :)