When I look into the mirror all I see is ugly. I see my face staring back at me and I hate it. I wish I could like someone else and not me. I look at my body and see my curves that I hate. I wish I could be skinny like other girls.
kellss kellss
18-21, F
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I am the same exact way

Ask yourself. Who decided what's beautiful and what isn't? Since we we were kids society has told us .. Basically implanted in our brains through the use of magazines, tv, dolls of what we are expected to look like in order to be beautiful. Still there are people who like people who are fuller and not skinny. Just be happy the way you are and someone out there will notice how beautiful you are; not just by your looks, but your personality.

Even though im not too overweight i hate the way i look in the mirror but i don't let that overcome me

There are people around you every day who are too shy to talk to you because that face and those curves you think are so ugly make them believe that you are on a level far above them.
You're conscious of your flaws and that makes you more thoughtful, compassionate, and attractive than any stuck up "skinny" girl who cares about nothing but looking better than everyone else.