Im Sorry I Cant Be Perfect ...

I've been told from many people that

"You are very pretty and beautiful"

Im appreciated everyone's words and compliments

But deeply inside Im struggling with my body image

My mother was a former model

She has been concerned about my body throughout my life

She sent me to ballet and those personality training schools

As she wants me to be "Perfect" just like her

Im so happy to be me but somehow Im so sad and lonely

Of trying To be "Perfect"

I wish she could hear ...

 Dear Mother,

   " Im Sorry, I Cant Be Perfect "


DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
18 Responses Mar 31, 2009

Thks a lot :)

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im sorry to hear that your mum is that way with you im sure this ebook could help you feel better about your self and get more confidence

Thks Andy .. that inspires me a lot ...

Thkx so much .. Believe it or not, I've gained 3 kgs after spending 3 intense weeks with Cass, still, it worths :)

for me yore perfect,no matter what other says...

wow ! you makes me fly ...<br />
Thanks So Much Lucy ! <br />
Well, maybe you dont like the name Lucy but <br />
It's kinda cute Tho Lol ... OOps !

We can't all live up to our parent's overly high expectations. Nor should we have to. You are perfect he way you are, flaws and all, and should not have to alter your image to appease people who aren't you. You need to do what makes you happy and what you want to do. Never apologize for that and never look down on yourself for not being what they want you to be. You are DollyDiva, no one else.

Ohhh :( That's so sad ....<br />
So, now you eat very less because u feel full quickly right ? In my case, I've been anorexia for 8 months till now, before that I was underweight but not anorexic, Since I didn't feel frustrated with my body image but after ana have come in my life, I've changed ToT<br />
<br />
In your care, I think it should be some ways to build up your body muscles, to look healthier and gain some weight ! believe me ;)<br />
<br />
My guy friend was like that but now he's very well-figured because he has exercised for last 6 years ! It takes time, but you could feel better, I'm sure =)

I guess it's just metabolism. I try to eat as much as i can, but I just stay ridiculously skinny. I guess you just have an idea of your ideal body and when its not there it gets frustrating, and that only makes it worse. I think it's from when I was growing up and we weren't very well off so I didn't eat much- I think my body just became used to it so now I get full very quickly. It's hard to feel attractive though when you just have bones sticking out all over the place (shoulders/ribs), and trying to force yourself to eat can't be healthy.

Dear Drix,<br />
<br />
I'm so sorry to hear that :( but why is that so ?<br />
Is anyone expects you to be something like me or how ? or judt your own great metabolism system =)<br />
<br />
Be strong,<br />
we have to live ! ;)

Try being an underweight male- It's even worse :(

Dear my dear friend,<BR><BR>I did it lol ! The modeling wanted me to be photographed for the bikini parades this summer ! <BR>but I cant ;( I gotta study a lot lol ! There's nothing more important than finish college ! I dont wanna stuck here for one more year LOL ! and u know what ?<BR>They want me to lose 6 pounds !

Dear Hammer head,<br />
Thks very much ! I know that but I just cant let her down :(<br />
<br />
I'll explain her nicely (if she would listen to me) lol

you need to seperate yourself from your mother. you are such a diamond and i wish you could see that. Icafewood is so right, find what makes you YOU happy what makes YOU well YOU. I know you have a dream to be a psychotherapist, and i know you will help so many. Do things for you. If your mother has a problem with it then oh well. I know its easier said than done. My mother wanted what yours wants for me. I can't do that. I already almost died trying. I can't make myself taller or prettier or deathly thin anymore. Stop trying to make less of yourself for us all to love and just be you because we love YOU!!!!

I'd never rob the bank Lol ! I cant anyway, I run very slowly and my eye sight is short = = ! I would be caught anyway If i try to ;)<br />
<br />
About my brother, he has been model since 10 years ago, now he's 28, He bought apartment in Victoria Peak and he is living with his model gf as well, I just known some from my mother but I haven't met him for so long .. I think I forgot his face already lol ! ...

What will he do after model ,, you can not live ur life for parents , u make ur own path u must be happy .. even if u wash cars , do good work , it's honest job ,, you pay ur own bills ,, when grown up .. so no matter what u do be happy ,, feel u are contributing .. this is a life cycle , we all do not live forever ,, ur parents must be happy with u no matter what u do . as long as u are not bank robber lol u are my Sis

As far I come to know you, I wish I could be your real sister more and more Ms.Diva ToT ... I need someone to understand me and dont expect me to be perfect.. because I cant ! but I feel sad for my mother as well because she has been stuck in her old days, So that my brother has also ran away from home 13 years ago, and now he's a model and she is so proud of him, then, all pressure is down at me ! ...

No one ever perfect ,just be you , ppl like you now for what u are , just get more confidence. It is your life at the end of the day , and yours when u get up .. Live for ur self .. But achieve all ur goals , you are ur own refection no on Else's ,,,and shine out the good from this mirror ..