Things seem to be getting so much worse lately. Everyday I fight with myself over whether or not I should eat-I feel so guilty for it. I can't stop counting calories and it's tearing me down. I want to be happy with how I am but I just can't.....
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3 Responses Apr 21, 2016

stop fighting with yourself and take a hike or go for a jog :) problem solved :D

I feel like nowadays being content with ones body is the hardest thing to do. For me that just makes life one hellish roller coaster. I sometimes feel good but before i leave my apartment I also go back to square one and change my clothes.

If you keep talking about it I am sure you will get to being happy with your body one day. now is just the bumpy part of the ride

have you tried looking at pictures of beautiful women with the same body type as you? that always help me a little.

No I haven't tried that-I'm obsessed with trying to be skinny :(

being skinn isn't that great.I would know. if you he super skinny you'll still feel uncomfortable.we need to learn to love our self the way we long as you're healthy then it's all good :)

Thanks I'll try