Yeah, I'm An Ugly Cliche.

This is the first online community I've ever joined, yet alone commented on.. be gentle.

This is me:

18 years of age

183cms tall


I have a short beard which I keep neat

I have long, wild, messy hair which I tend to get lazy with, I keep it clean though

I've had acne my entire life, it's cleared up but every now and then I get a beauty of a pimple that takes a sledgehammer to pop.

I live for Metal music

I've played bass guitar for two years

and I'm the vocalist of an awesome band

I'm an open-minded musician that takes inspiration from all kinds of music, not just Metal

I'm a very welcoming person and will try my best to make friends with anybody.. I take whatever chance I get, not many people willingly approach a guy that looks like me.

To my point:

I'm the most un-confident person in the world.

I feel that I'm overweight, awkward and ugly.

I wear dark baggy clothes to hide myself onstage, in public and anywhere people will see me.

People will approach me after a gig and tell me that my voice is amazing, I even had a young lady say my voice was "Beautiful" at one point. I immediately choked up and tried forming words all whilst praying that she can't see me well in the dull-lit pub.

From what I've described, do you think I could be an attractive person at all? How else can I decsribe about myself?

Is 182cms and 105kgs a good combination?

Thanks a heap..

I'll be avoiding posting any pictures,..

I reckon I'm doing... alright... face-wise, it's just the rest of me I'm a really ashamed of.


[SHOULD THIS BE POSTED SOMEWHERE ELSE? Let me know. I'm a newbie to this stuff.]

AnOverusedCliche AnOverusedCliche
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

gosh does that happen at 25??? i'm 27 and still feel like the most physically insecure person in the world. i don't think it's a chronological thing. that wonderful idea you speak of comes through the help of something grander than age. maybe it's the people u surround urself with who could care less about what u look like and actually tell you that from time to time. @anoverusedcliche, i think it's great that you play in a band and are confronted with all that public attention. as horrible as that feels sometimes, it will help you grow (metaphorically speaking) out of your own skin and ashamedness. i hope u find that peace today. tomorrow. at 21. 24. 25. just find it! bf.