I actually struggle with SOCIETY'S idea of what my body image should be that it shoves down my throat constantly. i just hate to have to own my feelings of insecurity about the way i look as just MY ISSUE. i know it's not. i think we have all been brainwashed to believe that there is a size, look, style, and colour that quantifies beauty when this is impossible. beauty is impossible. because that implies that the opposite of it also exists. and there is (spiritually) no such thing as ugly. i will probably never live in a world where everyone understands this (for my future children i ache for this to be possible) *sigh* so instead i struggle brutally with my looks, body image, all that superficial physical crap. feeling so less than people who are prettier and easier in their own skin than me.i'm so
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I understand how u feel.

you are beautiful+extremly strong my friend+so happy you have children.I know that dreaded "Sigh" LM x

couldn't agree put it into perspective insanely we try to live up to that sometimes without even noticing (unconsciously). i think i too have cared far more about living up to the image than being grateful for or striving for the really important things in life...thanks for ur comment. bf.

Its hard period to feel good when youre bombarded by headlines that say:<br />
20 IS THE NEW 15, 30 IS THE NEW 20, 30 IS THE NEW 40,and so on.<br />
<br />
Its a huge machine to fight against, and I try, in small ways, but at the end of the day, I sometimes feel more upset about gaining 5 pounds, then not having money put away for retirement.<br />
<br />
I hope also, for future generations of little girls, that it will change, but when you live in a society that says a size 4 model is fat, and people dont wanna see fat women wear clothes, we are seriously messed up....

no.....i don't struggle with society's image of what i should look like. i just struggle with the basic fundamental things i think everyone should be secure about...sometimes society actually wants you to be functional and productive. my state (of body, of mind, of SOUL) i am not functional or productive......oh this has to stop - i am perceiving my life in EP group titles.