"Don't Fret What's Behind You"

"I struggle with my past" is never a good idea... we all have one and the quickest way to leave the struggle behind is to begin with today. The past is just that...the past, it over and done and can't be changed. To go though life fretting about what you've already done is a waste of what little time me have on this earth.  If you live long enough who will find there are people out there who have pasts far worst than yours. Forgiveness is not something you should look to other people for, the most important thing is to forgive yourself. Use the next day of your life to change the things about your life that you have control over and learn to accept the things that are just part of who you are. You alone have control of your destiny and the kind of person you become.

feathers005 feathers005
56-60, F
Feb 25, 2009