I have always been sort of a Nymphomaniac. I did not have sex until I met the guy I love and am still with. As soon as we began having sex, I became addicted. I will randomly get turned on and it causes us to have sex in weird places. He is a guy so its not too often that he objects.. Well, lately, I have been getting turned on by the idea of rough sex. Something like roleplaying where I don't want it. I have no idea why this turns me on but it just doesn't feel normal. I feel like something is wrong with me...
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Nothing wrong with you, you have a strong and healthy sex drive and a free sexual imagination. Have fun, enjoy, talk it over with him and do it. You will have so much fun!

Hi I have been out with a couple of genuine Nymphomaniac and I found that it is important to find a partner who will not be hurt by your needs to satisfy your desires but to support you as it can be very destructive if you can not share this issue with them

believe me my boyfriend is more than okay with it. the only time he doesn't like it is when it gets to 4-5 times a day. by then I don't even know what to do with myself

u can ********** using ****** or hire a sex machine.it can satisfy ur thrust very easily.

its not a problem its gud.sex is nothing but it is a sexual science.it doesnt harm anyone.i m also a sex nymphoniac.

I figure it to be harmful if someone who is a nymphomaniac spreads disease and pregnancies/abortions. i do not. I'm very careful with my boyfriend and we are both clean from any infections or diseases. But people out there aren't clean and simply don't care if they infect someone.Please reply with

yeah absolutely.safety is better then cure

I just feel out of control sometimes. I mean i'll be sitting at work and just become so incredibly turned on that I don't know what to do with myself until it eventually passes. Its stressful sometimes

well then I'd have one hell of a sore ***. It's my part of normal. If I ignore it enough then it will go away. but not easily. and my boyfriend ain't one to turn it down. so no learning is done really. If my body continues to get what it wants then it wont stop.

Why don't you go to the restroom and ********** you'll find d out its an incredible ******. I do it at least once a day. I think it's knowing some can walk in at any moment and your there getting yourself off

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