An Ongoing Struggle

It's just one of those things that I find extremely hard to do and it's something that I've given some serious thought into. I wonder if it's just me being shy, or feeling humiliated, or just embarrassed, or just can't be bothered with troubling people with my problems. Could it be a combination of everything? I really don't know but I'd like to get over it some day and be able to tell others what's bothering me when they see that I'm not my usual self.
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I encourage you to continue fighting that battle, I am too...I'm sorry to hear that you're surrounded by people with that kind of attitude. I know exactly what you mean about learning about yourself through silence and thought, I've done it countless times.

I am totally the same way. I just have a hard time trusting people though. I was always in a situation where something bad is happening, going to happen, or just did happen. These bad things were always started by people who were close to me.... I started to get to the point where silence seems more safe than ex<x>pression. That is how I learn about myself now, through silence and thought. At times its now hard to talk to others, mainly because everyone I know now has a whats in it for me mindset. I am so tired of seeing this in other peoples hearts because it makes me so sad, for them for everyone. Negative energy is disgusting and yet people cling to it like they do to money.... Whats the point in fighting a loosing battle.... I dont know but I still do haha

These sort of feelings are very common these days, Just try to concentrate on the positives you have and analyze your negatives.. Self examination could help you to overcome this situation.<br />
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Best Of luck!!!

ohh, don't be SHY rajiv..hehe.... talk to them. If you want, you can talk to me too...what's bothering you?<br />
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there is a quote that says" no gots no glory"hehe....i don't know what's the relationship of that quote to you.hehe