They All Leave

Everytime I open up to someone and get close, they leave me. My favorite manager at my job was someone who was twice my age. She always listened to what I had to say and gave me advice. That's something huge for a 16 year old with no one else to talk to. Then, she left. She told me that it would be up to me if I never saw her again. I didn't really believe her. But when I tried to talk to her later, I realized how much I was hurt by her broken promise. She lied to me. I vowed to myself never to allow that to happen again by trusting no one. The less I say about myself, the less they know. The less they know, the least they mean to me.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

That sucks. Hope you're not too jaded 'cause stuff like that gets to you over the years and eventually you just don't trust anyone. I think I've been burned in some ways like that before and now I hold people at arm's length and don't let them get close because I feel like they'll let me down.