I Used to

Hey, im whriting to tell you about how i feel or used to feel about the Self injury...
last year, i was dating with a guy, aftet a while, he left me... that destroy me, so i started cutting my self... to the end of the year, the cuts were deeper and longer!, i was too scared about it, but i didnt mind, cause they "relax" me. afeter some months, i was trying to kill my self, by cutting all over my arms and legs, and by taking a lot of pills, (20 to be exactly).
 i was so "OUT OF ME" , IT WASNT ME, its like i was having someone who forced me to do it, honestly, i didnt meant it!
 i told all this, just lo let you know, that at the beggining, i thought i need it so cut cut cut cut and cut so many times in the same day then it become an adicction, and i couldt stoped with it (to the end of the month i was having 112 scars all over my body), and after that, Self injury got me, and i try to "end with all" (you understand what i mean)

as you can see it didnt result, and now, i stopped cutting and burning my self... its soooo hard to leave the S.I. but if you're donign it, its not a funny thing, its a problem that we have, so go and search help on friends and also go to therapy.
  those 2 things help me to STOP!!!

anything that you need, i would like to help you!!!!  and c'on, you have to be strong!!!
dont forget that i understand you, i was a member of S.I.
mdr1489 mdr1489
18-21, F
Jun 19, 2007