Yep Its Called the Daily Drag

I have wanted to quit smoking for like forever now and i was doing really good at it until i went into TAP then because there was nothing to do there after group  besides drink coffee and smoke and hang out ...  thats what killed me when i got out of there i was smoking a pack n a half a day but now my quit Date has moved up n since i got my teeth fixed im quitting ....  i dont want them to look like they used to so the coffee and the smokes are out the door and i love coffee  but im gonna have to cut it back alot ... I want to go to this wrestling school and i have to get in shape to do it ..  and i cant do that if im gonna  continue wrecking my body .. I know God has put his hand in this and i amm soo very thankful for that ... Now its my turn to make my commitment to get the toxins outta my body
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Mar 7, 2007