The Sins Of The Past Become The Regrets Of Today

Years of drug abuse and frequent moves , job changes , divorce and re-marriage young children that need stability and a needy ex wife , poor credit .... been clean for a while now and got some job training but it may be too late to soar . At best , I can have some job security and provide my kids what what they need . There are still some dreams that I can make come true , the future isn't all that bleak , but it'll take a lot of work to achieve anything above ordinary .
Tanengreen Tanengreen
36-40, M
3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

The fact that you've been clean 'for a while now' could speak to you having already achieving the extraordinary! As you know the recidivism rate is sky high, so being clean is the least ordinary thing an addict can be. Congrats on your achievements thus far!

On another note, I've been reading a bit on eastern thought and it's helped me keep my mind away from comparing myself to my past and holding myself to future standards (that I'm sure I won't meet.) The most useful advice I've been given is to live mindfully and stay present. This way you are able to take advantage of the possibilities/chances of the moment. When your mind is in the past or future, it can not be available for you to use in the present.

Now that I sound completely nuts... :P

I'm trying to break free of the chains that I've allowed to hold me down . It's either a process to go through or simply a decision to just cut loose and go . Damn my hesitation !

I can relate to many of your past and present challenges and I still am striving to achieve something great and amazing but the daily demands of life responsibilities seem to keep me from stretching out there too far. While reading your words it sounds as if you are already doing something above the ordinary, your journey is the amazing ride that you have managed to stay on....Great job and keep it up!