Eating Goals , Fitness Goals , Almost All of Them

 i really need to work on all of my goals  im just not sleeping enough .. since justin moved in .. i  stay up way to late .  but  I have to start and im hoping ill be able to  start maybe walking  in the morning  after Josh gets picked up for school .
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Try to follow your morning walk routine for 21 days without fail. Science state that when any work done for 21 days without fail it becomes a habit. if you fail any day.. start again with next day as 1st day.

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You can always try the 90 day challenge to simplify your eating goals and to get you started on he right track. Sleeping is really important so try doing something that will make you tired, maybe some kind of physical activity later int he day even if it's going for a walk. The reason why i suggest the 90 day challenge to help wtih eating goals is because it's really simple. You can see what it's all about at: www. inspirebydoing.bodybyvi. net <br />
All the best in the new year and I hope you get some good sleep :)

Sleeping is really messing with my fitness goals too! Only I don't have any good reasons, I just keep using the bleepin' EP too much. Which is completely my own fault, of course :D