When I was in elementary school I was very tall, taller than almost everyone who was in my grade or less.. I was the class joke. I was picked on and bruised emotionally. I Had straight a's up until the 5th grade. In 5th grade I was done being picked on I was fighting back. Everyone hated me except for my best friend of of 3 years at the time. They called me ugly and told me I was worthless It got to the point I faked being sick so I didn't have to go to school at one point my best friend even went to the wrong crowd. He never knew what was going on though. Even my own mother made me feel worthless at times. Now a days though My friends and family have given me compliments of being pretty or beautiful, but I've never been able to accept them. I've given up on trying to tell them my thoughts because it seems as if I want attention. Even if I was pretty guys never notice me. Maybe its because i'm the friend type instead of a relationship, I have more respect. I suppose being invisible is better than being the one picked on and hurt. I just hate when my friends shove it in my face that they have the guy or in some cases the girl. I'm okay with being alone honestly, but when I am noticed it makes me feel a little special like i'm worth something again. 
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Had a MAJOR crush on a paraplegic girl I used to work with. I'm married now, but you look very attractive. It won't be long before the right person comes along. Someone with depth of character. And it's not that you aren't noticed. You ARE. But people don't know how to react when they see someone in a "chair". With this girl, I'd look at her face, and would just melt. ****, little did I know, she was already MARRIED and carrying a baby. So, that is how it might go for you. Just be the best person you can, and things will fall into place. BTW, I have a step-daughter who is a complete quad, but the worst of it is that she cannot talk, and is only developed mentally to about 14-18 months. So, some got it worse, some have it better. YOu're gonna get there. I can tell. :)

I have my bad days and I have my good days and I know it could be a lot worse. With what the doctors have told me eventually I'll walk again and I think I will. Things are getting better slowly. Thank you, this post made me smile (:

I'm so GLAD it did, honey. That's all I really wanted to make happen. And telling me that made MY day. I wish I could take your chair for a day, and you take my place, at least for that day, now and then. With you in spirit, and want the very best for you in life :)

If only the world worked that way :P lol but I wouldn't let you, by the end of the day you could be soooo frustrated I guess it would give you an understanding and a different view lol. I'm glad I made your day though :3

Give it time, when I was younger I went through times of feeling unnoticed and unwanted, realize in life it just takes one special person and when that comes along all the waiting was worth it

thanks. I just hate hving the friends that always shov the guy in the face.

I understand, but not being able to walk doesn't make you unattractive . Anyone who views you only through those eyes are missing out

Some people on here judge me solely on my posted pictures, that just isn't the whole me, there is so much more. People who judge before getting to know someone are losing out.

ths was before i became a paraplegic.

Still , just means they are fools

I guess.

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