Its Not Working Anymore!!

Ive been bulimic for about  years, on and off.  When Im on my purging weeks, I do it about once or twice a day.  Lately Ive been binging but not being able to bring up the food.  Ive been doing some body competitions.. sounds funny doesn't it but its real.  however I can stay focused as long as I can have the odd binge, Like about once every 2 days.  I just eat and eat and eat, whatever is in the cupboard, even sometimes I have planned and have gone shopping for the food that I feel like having.  Anyway I competed and now am back on a bender.  I have another comp coming up so I have to focus again but when i am binging, I cant purge, I try but nothing comes up.  I just end up burping!!  Sometimes I can spend an hour in the toilet trying.Im really struggling cause I need to eat.  And if I cant purge then Im not going to lose the weight and wont be ready for the competition.  I know this sound crazy but has anyone had the same sort of experience?? 
teeney1 teeney1
Aug 8, 2010