I Got Through It

 I was a ballerina in high school.  In ballet, the pressure to be pretty and perfect and THIN is ten times worse than the normal pressure of high school.  I never felt good enough because I wasn't pretty enough, wasn't talented enough, wasn't THIN enough.

So I dieted.  At least, that's what I called it.  My weight went down, down, down, into the double digits, and my friends began to notice something was wrong, but anytime they confronted me I told them they were worrying too much, that I was okay.  I was not okay.

But finally one day enough was enough, and thanks to my friends, I beat Ana.  I got through it and survived and would not wish it upon anyone.  It's a horrid disease that ruined my life and my dream of becoming a dancer, and I hope others can beat it like I did.

ksiezniczka ksiezniczka
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 20, 2009

Beautiful story, I am so glad you beat Ana, inspirational x