My Story.

ive had my episodes of anorexia. for 2-3 days i wouldnt eat. id feel great, a little weak but great. i loved the feeling of having a flat stomach and feeling lighter. im 15 years old almost 16. my eating disorder(s) begain in later 2009 and is still continuing currently. im currently bulimic. as for my anorexia, my parents and friends made me eat so it didnt last for long. in middle of december i became bulimic. i throw up after anything i eat or drink. i hate the feeling of being full. it disgusts me. im 170 pounds and 5'4/5'5. i consider myself obese even though i know im not. im a size 13 and i hate it. i grew up being a chunky child. i was pretty much obese in 6th grade/ elementary/ junior high times. but i lost the weight. ive tried diets but never seemed to stick to them for more than 2 weeks. i love collarbones and i want to see mine clearly.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Btw. im 5ft and 120pnds, i hardly eat anything now..maybe just on meal a day. but i drink green tea and other herbal tea's like a purhaps this also decreases my appitite.. i know drinking alot of green tea will decrease appitites..

hmmm.. is this what bullemic is?? ive lost like 40 pounds and i find now that i feel SOO bloated when i eat anything...even water!..i hate the feeling of being full.. the only thing that feels ok is salad.. i dont know....when i feel full i feel bloated most time so i puke.. not much but i mean it helps..i dont know if its just me?? is it all in my head?? its not like i puke all the time tho..