I've Been Cured Of My Homosexuality!

First of all, praise the LORD, I could not have done this without his guidance.

I experienced homosexual thoughts from a very early age. However, I was raised with to have a close relationship with God, as my mother taught us to be strong in my faith from a very early age. Around 12 years old I would start having arousing feelings for men. I would look at **** and ********** constantly. I even *********** sometimes when I was at school! I'm ashamed to say I partook in several homosexual acts when I was in high school. When I was 18 my soccer teammate and I had many sinful encounters in which we pleasured each other in the showers after practice. Thankfully the Christ has forgiven me. My path into the shadow of the valley of death took a turn for the worse when I met my "boyfriend", Josh. He was in my church youth group and also was struggling with sinful desires. During the summer after graduation we both went on the youth ministry retreat to rural Tennessee where we stayed in the same bunk.. needless to say those nights would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like the garden of eden. Josh and I knew what we were doing was sinful, but somehow it just felt so right. We felt like we really loved eachother.. there was a passion between us that was more intense than anything I've ever experienced. The ecstasy of experiencing another man's body in that way was incredible, or so I thought. After that summer we agreed to each other that we couldn't go on living in sin. Satan had filled us.. he had penetrated our thoughts and desires, and it was time to cast out the demon. We both had our youth paster lay hands on us and pray. "Get thee behind me Satan!" we screamed. We prayed and prayed until sweat was beading on our brows. After that experience we didn't feel much different, but we prayed dearly that God had delivered us from our desires. The weeks passed and I began to feel a change of heart. I met a girl from another church, Leslie. She's a larger girl (plays rugby), but she's very in-shape and muscular. Plus she's so dedicated to her faith.. she's read the Bible all the way through twice! I think I'm falling for her. She's not "pretty" per se, but her voice is buttery and soothing. She reads me my favorite book of the Bible, Leviticus, while I braid her hair. Anyway, things are going really well. So far I'm the only one I've ever heard of who's been "cured". I guess it's a miracle! Please pray for Josh as he's left the church, and has been having sinful relationships with men he met on that app Grindr.. I still think about him every day. Has anyone else had a spiritual experience like mine? (Please spare the judgement I know I've had a sinful past)
Elijahrocks Elijahrocks
22-25, M
Dec 6, 2012