Sex In Homosexual Relationships

Honestly, I knew the title would get more attention.  I did this in hopes of getting a much more diverse dialog going about the question I would like to pose.  This question was actually brought up by a good friend of mine, so I cannot take the credit.  Please feel free to express your opinions (with respect to all who may read this)  This question is in reference to those in a homosexual relationship who are Christians. 

In Christian scriptures, we all know that sex before marriage is forbidden.  Many people who defend homosexuality as being an alternate lifestyle with no real difference than heterosexuality.  It's considered simply a preference.

However, why is it generally not considered "wrong" to have sex before marriage in a homosexual relationship but it is wrong in a heterosexual relationship before marriage??  Again this is being addressed in reference to those who are Christians held to the standards outlined in the Bible.

*Please do not give the excuse that it is because same sex marriage is not allowed in certain states.  If people really want to get married,  they will go wherever they have to in order to get married.  Just making a point.


Let the dialog begin! :)

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1 Response Jan 4, 2009

As a man who has slept with other men, I can say the experience is painful. Many argue it should not be, but when you stretch the anus like that, it is going to hurt, no matter what. It takes a lot of time to get used to, and not only that, you always must use artificial lubrication. it is like it was not designed for sex... So, how much pain does God allow in a relationship, during the most intimate bonding two human beings can share? I imagine when the Bible talks about "Unnatural use" it can also mean anal sex, even within a married heterosexual relationship.