Finally Found The Perfect Guy But I Am Worrying

I finally found the man of my dreams. I have never met a man with so many things in common like this: our values, lifestyle preference, long-term goals align so perfectly. He would be a 9 on the compatibility scale. I know this is rare so I'm holding onto him but I have dated him for 2.5 months already and still feel zero chemistry. There's just no spark for me to motivate me to move the relationship to the next level. However, I did just got out of a serious relationship a few months ago and my guard is up. I hope I sort out my feelings soon. I don't want to lead him on and I don't want to lose him. I just realize I can't force myself to get over a break up. I have to allow myself to ride through all the pain and stages of grief. It's so annoying; I'm ready to move on but my emotions won't let me.
amaryllis08 amaryllis08
Feb 22, 2013