well i know how i have said that i love josh so much well it makes it hard to actually fall in love again even though i found a guy that i really like i am scared to let my heart go cause i dont want it broke again. this guy is so wonderful he treats me like an angel he is everything i ever wanted in a guy but now im afraid to fall for him. someone please helpĀ 
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1 Response Oct 14, 2011

Take time back just a little and think about yourself. Is this guy really worth getting the anxiety over? You could wind up sad or disappointed if he breaks your heart again, and especially because you just got out of a relationship that could leave him the new guy with some mixed emotions towards you and anything to do with you. If you give into him too quickly (that is only if he is asking you for more than a random hookup). The relationship might end abruptly, he can't be your ex so just give it your emotions time to settle down. Hope my comment helps you, it does seem complicated... I have had that happen to me recently. You need to take time between boys i guess