An Everlasting Stuck Fetish

I would be the last person you would think of to have a stuck/sinking fetish. I am a successful attorney, married, and am a conservative person. However, I always had a interest in sinking in quicksand or mud, and also a stuck fetish ever since childhood.

It definitely started in my childhood when I enjoying getting myself stuck in things. I would try to squeeze under the bed, through tight spaces, and other things. Once I hit puberty and got in my teenage years, the stuck fetish switched from me to girls being stuck. I had no interest anymore in getting myself stuck.

This experience happened when I was in the 8th grade. We had a small group meeting of students. We all sat at the table but one of the girls who was very developed for the 8th grade had nowhere to sit but the seat against the wall at the end of the table. This seat was not meant for someone to sit, it was an extra chair moved out of the way. Being that she had nowhere else to sit, she sat in the chair. At first, her butt would not go through as she was trying to go straight down in the chair. However, after wiggling and the force of gravity, her butt squuezed through slowly with her well developed chest on the table. I did not know how she could even breathe, but she acted completely normal. Note that these chairs had arms on it so the only way she could get out was to push herself up. All I could think about was that she would never get herself up and could not even concentrate. I was right. When we were done, I was acting like I was doing extra work. She tried to get up but could not even budge. For a few minutes, she was squirming and pulling until I finally helped move the table out.

Then in college, we had these weird desks that only had 1 opening like schooldesks. In our spanish class, we always sat in a semi-circle so the desks were next to each other. This one very pretty girl had to go to the bathroom and tried to squeez5 through the gap and got stuck. We all laughed as she was squirming and struggling, but I was just trying to keep it together.

Fast forward to now with the internet, and my stuck/sinking fetish has exploded. When I first discovered youtube, I kept watching videos of girls sinking in quicksand, stuck in doors, etc. sometimes until 5am and could not even think or care about anything else. Then I discovered websites such as quicksandfans and stuckfetish and developed some chatting relationships. we discussed stories and experiences of being stuck and loved it. I chatted with one girl on quicksandfans that was local and we were planning to do all this sinking in local marshes. It was going to be great, but we never met. Most likely not even a girl on the other end. Why would someone go through the effort?

Then I dated someone who didn't have a quicksand fetish but liked being stuck. She at one time tried to jump through an open laundry chute and got her hips stuck. She could not get out after 45 minutes and had to call for help. I wish I was there as a 5"2" girl with skinny waist, c cup with a nice round butt getting stuck. The thought was uncontrollable. At one point, we were making out and I was sitting on the chair. She put her legs under the arms of the chair (small spaces) and accidentally got her legs stuck. She was trying to get out and I was trying to lift her out, but we were both so stuck. I was going crazy excited. She wanted to get out but was also getting super aroused by her peril of being stuck. But that relationship ended abruptly.

Now my wife has no stuck fetish or quicksand fetish whatsoever, and that keeps me grounded in normalcy. But to discuss, meet people, or one day experience a girl being stuck in quicksand, I think that addiction will never go away. Just someone telling me (for example, a girl I know was cleaning her laundry room and got her hips stuck being the washer and dryer), I couldn't even think of anything elsse for the next few minutes.

So my question is, Is there anyone out there like me that enjoys the stuck/quicksand fetish, yet leads a life that no one else would realize it? What are your stories like?
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This is amazing to me I always thought I was weird and the only one with this weird fetish Ive kept it a secret where can I meet more people like you and me

Thanks Shirley. I grew up knowing I had a huge fetish of girls/women being stuck in quicksand and mud. Also being stuck in places. When I was younger, my friends sister was trying to reach an outlet between the washer and dryer. She was skinny. She actually sat on top of the dryer with her legs in between the machine. She could not reach the plug so she squeeze her butt between the washer and dryer. After plugging in, she was wedged and could not get out. It was so exciting watching her struggle. Ultimately, I helped her get out. That's when I knew I was interested in this fetish.