Stuck In Love

My ex and I had been together all through school for around 4 years and we had the best relationship anyone could ask for. After the 4 years i fell pregnant i was only 17 at the time he was 18 but both had so much ahead of us with studies and his reaction made my mind up he told me his dad would go completely crazy and i knew my parents would to so being young and not knowing very much we went ahead with a termination. I would never wish that upon anyone its such a horrible experience i didnt want to go through with it but i felt i had no other option as did my boyfriend. After 6 months i was an emotional wreck took every opportunity to go out drinking it was my way of blocking out what i had done my boyfriend didnt really speak about it and kept it to himself so i had no-one to talk to about it as it was a subject i never told anyone about.

We split up 6 months after this, it had brought a horrible atmospher into our relationship we had plans that year of travelling and coming back to buy our first property but this was all put aside.

Its been 5 years since we broke up we continued to be really close going out and spending all of our time together up until 2 years ago when he met another girl, this was when i realised he wasnt mines anymore and i realised just ho much i wanted to spend forever with him but it wasnt going to happen his ne girl had taken him away from our group of friends and in less than a year they had got engaged and a few weeks late they announced she was pregnant this was by far the most soul destroying part of it all, she had the guy i was in love with and was having his baby and getting married it was so hard to take in i turned to drink once again to try and block it out only to find it wasnt blocking it out this time...i managed to get my life together and turning 22 i had to start trying to get over him but i still think of him every single miute of my day i am still very much in contact with his mum who i have a strong relationship with and she knows how i feel but we never go into much detail as we both get upset over this..

I have found myself a new man and have a great realtionship with him i am going travelling with him and we hope too get a house and he has spoke about marriage but all the time we talk about these things my ex is there infront of me just making me feel crap.

I want advise on how to get past this and completely get over him i want to stop lovin ghim it hurts me too much having all these feelings for him and not actually being with him

cantstoplove cantstoplove
May 15, 2012