Almost Given Up....

For two years, I have been trying to deal with my fiance's mom.  I have to, I live with her.  We just recently bought a house and are waiting for the contractors to finish fixing it up.  Already, she is telling me where to put things, what the walls should look like, and it is driving me nuts.  Now, if I was to do this to her in her house, I would have his father getting in my face for it.  His mom likes to push buttons.  And I understand that it is hard for her because her baby is growing up and that she sees me as taking him away from her.  But, why can't she make room for me in his life?  He has.  The more conflict between her and I, it feels like she is trying to push me out.  I am stuck in the middle of his and hers relationship when she and I should be sharing him.  I try to just ignore her, but, often I worry about how she feels because I am not the kind of person that doesn't care, even though she takes advantage of it.  Last year when this started happening, I ended up with quite a few nightmares and crying spells.  I even came close to ending my relationship because I just wanted to throw my hands up and let her have her way and leave him because I didn't want to be around her anymore.  But, I didn't want to leave him because I feel that the difference between her and I shouldn't cause the disruption in his and I's relationship.  So, until we get to move into our own house, I am trying to just bite my tongue and let her go, even though this has taken a real tole on being depressed.
hobbitt192002 hobbitt192002
26-30, F
Jul 12, 2007