Late To Class

O.k. so today we had a big test in history class and it is the hardest test of the quarter. Since history is my worst subject I prepare to fail. I also loath being in this class, I sit between two of the dumbest ******* I have come to know. (So cheating would mean doomed failure). So I grew some balls and took the test. Our class has to take lunch midday so we have to come back to class after we eat. The teacher is strict but gives us ten extra minutes to have lunch. Dumbass one and two sit next to me at lunch. Lunch was ruined by arguing and am not enthusiastic to head back to class. They leave and I head back to class shortly after arriving one minute too late. The teacher takes immediate notice and sends me into the hall to wait. Dammit! So he walks out and goes to some office in some random place so I am effectively stuck in the hall until he comes back. I guess I deserve it for being late when he gave us extra time to eat lunch. I also remember him saying something about taking a zero on the uber hard test that is about 10% of the grade so far. So I devise a long elaborate excuse as to why I was at lunch as long as possible and was one minute late. So I see him coming back rehearsing my excuse, all he says "You got a 90% score on the test just take the rest of class off". My mind is blown, I got an A on a test I didn't study for and I get to take the rest of class off because of it. I think I may just be a minute late more often.
Gamerchef Gamerchef
18-21, M
Jan 12, 2013