I Am So Negative Minded.

technically speaking i have everything which could make anyone happy. but i am not happy, not in the least. i am so extremely negative minded that i never can think of something positive. i am good at my studies and doing good in academics, but i always have a feeling that i would be a grand failure. because of my negative attitude, i have lost my bf and he doesn't talk to me anymore. i have applied for higher studies and these days i am so highly depressed 24*7 that i have to take pills for depression!!
thewarrior thewarrior
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Maybe you should talk to a family member about it... Or start a journal or maybe even a list of all the pros and cons going on in your life. Things that are temporary and long lasting. Im sure what you think is a big deal now wont be years from now. Im in the same situation so Im not just talking... Try this. If it doesnt help you can always vent to me :)