The Martial Arts Are Good For The Soul.

My story started while in the military with a free certificate for a intro class...i was hooked, but very disatisfied with that particular 'look good in the mirror poser school style'....Upon returning home i met a person who was the sensai of a full-contact Korean Moo-Duk-Kwon* academy; sensai was 3rd generation 'Wallace' and very skilled (2nd degree black), yet a patient master and a good personal friend.

After 3 hard bloodletting and broken bone years of formal instruction, at 2nd degree blue,  i was promoted to sensai of our Womens self-defense class. Where i was once knocked stupid by a 11 yr old girl using excellence in high-kick execution. And we snagged  a contract to train certain Army MP's from a local fort. We were very proud of our students and i hope perhaps we have helped them some way in their personal lives. We promoted the 'modern' path of wisdom, self-control and humbleness...(with teeth)...We were not traditional...we were a fight school.

Not too profitable, but we kept our equipment from being held together by duct-tape.

I fell into the martial art/fight (K-1) community 'clique', and met and trained with many people of other disclipines....some of which were molded into my own hybrid style.(which was good since most Korean styles do not have much focus on ground fighting), and as we all know, most real fights go to the ground. Don't believe Hollywood, most 'real' fights involve a 12 second one-sided beatdown. Strive to be on the proper 12 sec side, but always expect the unexpected...any training only gives you an educated edge. I have seen street-fighters who were scary to be on the wrong side of...The best (and only rule we taught) rule is to fight only as a last resort., to protect person and property (and in that case...destroy them).

It's been over 10 years since my Doctor told me "NO more head strikes"...and i left the active fight game. Although i remain active in the community of artists and fighters, it seemed i still had much to teach.

Youth and fast skill turned into experience and surgical deviousness. hee hee. Until the only person i wife, told me it was OVER!

I'd like to see more kids and young adults turn to the self-control lessons the martial arts will teach...the streets would be safer and the willingness to learn speaks for itself. And it's damn fun!

Kamsa Hamnida

41-45, M
1 Response Apr 25, 2010

Yobosayo! I studied Tae Kwon Do for a short time and loved it. I was never able to return, but I miss it.<br />
I am half south korean, so it feels like it's in the blood...<br />
thanks for the story and blessings<br />