And Before I Share My Story,

i just want to quickly write, i am looking to meet others who study the same things and take it seriously. i have to run out now but i hope to meet new friends with similar abilities and interests :) thanks
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You tell me yours then I'll tell you mine. Okay.

unfortunately, this story seems to be abandoned or something. this user never contacted me, despite her saying she would like to contact others who study telepathy and clairvoyance and stuff. O well. Too bad she's cute, I need a telepathic girlfriend, lol.

me too

Hey, I found myself very able to use telepathy in early 2009. <br />
<br />
And I used this site in the past looking for other telepaths or anybody who was curious about the subject as well. <br />
<br />
If you wanna chat, I'd love to talk if you want.

Hey there! I'm interested in the subject of telepathy. So far I made one successful telepathic message..since I haven't tried it a lot. I get headaches after..and being (I think I am) an empath doesn't help that much.

Sure, let's chat. :)