Skeletons In the Closet

I have been told that we { my family} are related to both the Hatfields and the McCoys.

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What happened to your avitar?<br />
Oh my oh my......

I think thats pretty cool my friend cool indeed!

I was told not to dig into the family history too far because I might find I was my own grandfather!<br />

Do you ever find yourself at odds with yourself???<br />
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I think the study of Appalachian history is fascinating. I love folk songs, and if it weren't for the isolated mountain communities of eastern N.A., many of these traditional songs would have been lost. People like Woody Guthrie, also his son Arlo, and others back at the turn of the 19/20th Centuries, toured the mountains and recorded many of the old songs. I think that's a Gift from God - a time warp that preserved so many of the ways of our ancestors: not just those who came across the sea, but the people that they themselves came from. Also crafts and special skills. <br />
My husband's family came to America seven years after the Mayflower. (Church records show that one of his ancestors was kicked out of the church for ****-disturbing. Some things never change....). Hey, maybe your ancestors and his knew each other!

Uh oh. Maybe I shouldn't tell you I'm related to the McCoys.