Coal's Toll

Friends I've met not yet- greetings from the deep woods of Green Lake, Maine!

I got to this way-cool little cybersite by looking for folks that have done, or wish to do the AT..I'm very

interested in App history because I've recently watched things on linktv and somewhere on PBS about

people's mountain homelands being desecrated by the mostly Rep. oxymorons: the "clean coal" outfit.

Seem's 'sthough generations of families that have lived in this beautiful neck of the woods are being robbed..

the coal grabbers aren't doing the traditional mining-for thing; they're razing the tops of these lovely hills

with heavy equipment to reach the black booty... the hills erode, and the rain can't soak into soil

that's now not there, and people's homes and dooryards are going the way of the buffalo!! Some children

there are too scared to sleep when it rains....


I get least 52% of the nation's electricity's generated by coal, and people don't make the connection and

take it for granted 'cause they're  just not knowing it... 


Time's money, but let's take the time and make finding the money priority work..let's make another


way to find electriciy, or a way to take the coal from the earth of the Appalachian people's centuries in a

gentler way...


love to all, (even those mountain-milkers were someone's babies, once..)



mayalisa mayalisa
41-45, F
Feb 28, 2009