Can Someone Please Check This Guy's Information Out Please?

about the melting methane glacier under Florida
(apparently), and the rubbish poetry

Hello people, hope you are all well?
and not living through false flag hell
but this particular standard
if it happens, will be heard
around the world, according to dude

but i have always liked the man
the third member of zz top
I like him as much as ponteporn
who's time machine gives me a giggle
though of this info my crystal says no

but i just wanted to say that if
the trumpet of the lord is heard
around the world, wish I lived in
the deep south of the USA
I'd be one of dude's 5,000

to go treasure hunting with him
though go before hurricane season
cos they didnt use dispersit
which is 100% effective
and doesn't kill wildlife

instead corexit gas masks soon
and for 60% efficiency
and I am being well kind
that stuff is bloody lethal
though **** Cheyney aint complaining
over a million gallons
must be making a fortune

and bought boots n coots 2 weeks before
and instead of using polymers
they are just hiding it instead
even Russia today is complaining
just hope it aint too late

with no money at the federal reserve
perhaps it's their last throw of
their dice before the system collapses
as the likes of goldman sachs
fleece every single one of us

Just need a geologist to run the rule
over wig'n out dude, and the BP crude
smokescreen, always knew, something missing
is that why they blew up the moon?
to look for expensive mineral deposits

cos they have no money left
all been stolen, just more debt
and I know people really don't like glen Beck
I distrust him too, he punt's king James
Propaganda, but he don't like obama

but apparently, Obama cronies from
the 60's, armed revolutionaries
have re-surfaced to be beneficiaries
of big chunks of bailout money
which they are using to punt

armed resistance around secondary schools
blood bath brewing, obama guilty
first degree maybe, but will get away scot free
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

what you mean i take it ,is they found ice on the bottom of the ocean off Florida, bit of it was brought up ,they lit it ,and it burned in the man hand,but did not burn him,as it was still ice water,it was just the gas had methane gas in it,and it was that that was burning.