But There's No Future In It

I have a friend who's a professor of History.  I asked him what it was like as a career.  He said there was no future in it.
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Milky thinks that professor is making a profound comment about the state of academia for historians. She would like his telephone number. His wry sense of humour is a major turn on. Milky bets he would agree with Taylor Mali about the value of teaching:<br />
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It's a shtick world and I'm a happy guy.

Hey, c0w, I think we've riled the gator!

I'm not all there all week.

"But seriously, folks..." Our man El does love his shtick. ;)

Do you come with your own rimshot machine?

There isn't much in it for the incredibly ambitious, but for those who are really knowledgeable there can be international aclaim.

amen to that. plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

LOL. Except that we seemed doomed to repeat it.