My Early Experiences

Who knew that as a kid I was exposed to Mycology? I didn't until I though of this topic. I remember a ways back before my mother died. She used to take me to a place downtown and I would have to wait outside until she got back from her appointments.
The front lawn was like a little forest and she would tell me to stay out of the bushes. Her reasoning was that she didn't want be to touch the mushrooms back there because they were poisonous.

I played with the mushrooms as much as I could. I squished them between my fingers and toes. Its amazing that I never had any negative experiences out of that because looking back, I am sure that some of those mushrooms had to be the death cap.

I had even gone mushroom hunting with a hippie of a foster parent. We got lost and spent a very long time trying to find the road where finally some one picked us up. We made mushroom soup and bread even though it had to be midnight-ish.

Now, I am a full blown mycophile. Who would have thought?
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Sep 8, 2012