I Like the Term "Intellectual Eccentrics"

Intellectual Eccentrics I have known seem to be mostly "inwardly focused", rather than the externally-focused, "HIHOWYADOIN'?" personality that is so prized in our society.   Groups and organizations don't like them because they're not easy to pigeonhole and/or control...the perennial "loose cannons".....

My parents always told me to "not act smart" around other kids, because they wouldn't like me. 

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I don't think my parents paid attention to how smart I was. At least they never discussed it with me. I LOVE that term! I've never heard it. I don't claim to be intellectual by any means but I crave intellectual stimulation constantly.

I should have been more precise when I said "inwardly focused", I meant more of a Loner, which does not always translate to what most people think of when they say "introvert".....more someone who's comfortable in the world, but also comfortable with themselves, and who enjoys spending time alone because they enjoy their own company.<br />
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Actually, the folks who are most likely to "blow up and hurt somebody some day" are the personable, boy-next-door serial killers who can schmooze people into their webs.