Checked Something On Google;

i was chatting with my friend on MSN and i was just checking something on line i think it was something to do with sadness and i saw EP. i clicked and i was like whats this? i clicked it and began reading and reading and reading. then i showed it to my friend that i was talking to on MSN, so then i signed up and made my friend sign up.

after i was like this is changing my freaking life.
i am not deleting my account until i freaking die.
My life is dependent

on this site, i need this site to freaking live. i know i am not the coolest person on this site or mabe the smartest but who gives a care?? this site has helped me change over the last few monthes and i have noticed a change in myself. i think this site rocks.

zipseal zipseal
Feb 14, 2009