The Internet Of Experiences

I personalize physical objects by connecting them to memories from the past.  I record, retrieve, and share these experiences using computers, cameras, and cell phones.  Information such as photos, videos, and text is shared with friends and relatives.  SMS, instant messaging, email, and social networks disseminate the data globally.  This system is called The Internet of Experiences.  I have developed a method to share outdoor adventures.   The following is an example of RFID Fishing in Alaska.  While fishing on the Kenai River, a seven-year-old girl caught and released a 49 inch salmon.  After taking a long nap on the boat she decided to fish again.  This time she caught and released a 48 inch salmon.  Videos of both of her fish were uploaded to an Internet database (YouTube).  Her jacket was personalized by writing links to the video files directly onto her RFID-tagged sleeve.  At a later point in time, a Nokia 6212 cell phone was used to retrieve, display, and share the salmon fishing video from her tagged sports jacket.  RFID fishing is ideal for catch and release practices where only memories are brought home from the outdoor adventures.  This technique promotes and enhances sustainable fisheries.
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Jul 18, 2010