So I decide to take my kids to the park today, it was a beautiful day to do so. We started off at the dog park with our furry animal friends, and that was nice and enjoyable!!!! Next we go to walk the purple people bridge which was GREAT next we were off to FT Thomas park which was good until I encountered and ignorant woman....... So I am standing there talking to my little sister while pushing my youngest daughter on the swing, and along comes the ignorance of my day. She approaches me with a smile as if she knew me and says excuse me... So I say yeah and she said do you see that little boy over there that is my son and he is six. I said yeah and she said this ******* stuff and the words you use are going to stop you will not do that. I said what are you talking about?
She said my son told me you told your kids that you were going to beat their ******* ***....... I said I have no clue at all what you are talking about cuz I never said that at all. Now mind you this woman was wearing a white shirt with a yellow bra that was totally see through, she was sitting on a bench with her cell phone to her ear paying no mind to her kids at all and has the nerve to approach me with this nonsense. She continued to say well you know kids can make up stories I said ya think and if that is how you feel than you need to get your stories straight before you come to me. I said furthermore I have the freedom of speech if I wanted to say that I can and will now get your story straight and go about your business.

I mean what the ******* ****, if i did say it **** her its my damn business. She needed to pay more attention to her kids as they were walking around calling everyone terds telling them that they were all going to be screwed. Yeah ok ms mommy of the year.........

My next encounter comes with a guy they call mclovin who apparently has no sense of time, he gave me a ticket to pick up his dry cleaning not even a week ago and asked me if i picked it up yet. He said I gave you that ticket two weeks ago. I said no I did not and no it was not two weeks ago. Now mind you I have three kids and a life of my own and this *** comes to me with that.

Oh boy what a ******* day and yes i did say ******* ok.......

rollyroz1 rollyroz1
31-35, F
Mar 7, 2009