The Mathematical Logic

Teacher : Ship is sinking, Potatoes cost Rs.5 and today is National holiday then,

What is my Age?

Student : 34 years.

Teacher : How do you know?

Student : My sister is 17 years old and she is half mad.

Here we can see how logic is applicable.
36-40, M
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Hehehehehee. I like your Math, Mr. Phonics! :D

Hahaha.. Thanks for the nice name. :)

*sighs* YEah, now I have that ridiculous commercial stuck in my head: Hooked on Phonics works for me! *bright cheesy smile*

Not saying YOU'RE ridiculous... just the commercial! :O

I didn't find any ridicule in your answer. Which commercial you are talking about?

Hooked On Phonics. lol. It's kinda catchy.... to the point of annoyance! LOL. But yer not annoying at all! :)

Hahaha.. OK. :)

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Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah! LMAO!!! I love this!!!!