Yuppers Me Too

I've always stuttered as long as I can remember.....I was always really quiet.....because of it the teachers I had growing up would always say I was very shy and timid which I wasn't really, I just felt it was easier acting that way than actually trying to be more verbal when needed.....well stuttering caused me many problems in school....anytime I 'd have to read something out loud.....it was an impossible task for me......I would just act like I didn't know how to read when it became to difficult.....the teachers would always question me why I did so well on my test if I had so much trouble reading.....most never caught on.....LOL....I had speech therapy from elementry til I was in my freshman year in high school......I never suffered any rejection for it though I never had problems making friends or was outcast. As an adult I still stutter some days are worse than others but I try to control it and on those days that are really bad well I'm just quiet those days. My stuttering gets out of control when my anxiety's high......to the point where I can't get the words out at all sometimes.....I try my best not to get to that point. When my mind is thinking too fast or too many things at once I really have to pay attention to my speech the words never come out right instead a stuttering mess flows out.....I've just learned to live with it.....and laugh at it at times when I can't pronounce certian words because of it.....stuttering is just a part of who I am....I can either accept it or not....but it'll still be there...so I accept it and go on with my merry way. :)
drkiris drkiris
26-30, F
Jul 13, 2010