Hi ,Everyone ,i stuttered in a long time ,25 years ,it made me go silent ,and lonely.
I was ridiculed in school ,my teachers gave me a hard time ,as they wanted me to read loud in class ,and pupils laughed at me all time ,it wasted a lot of time ,as it took me a long time to read one sentence ,
I was nervous,anxious ,depressed ,name it all .
Back at home ,my friends,families all mimicked me ,nothing was good but silence .
I was vulnerable ,so i was teased alot ,when i cried and i felt like expalining the matter to someone i could not ,as they will end up laughing before i finish .

It was a bad experience ..............thanks to it all it all stopped ,i do not stutter that much now ,but only when i am anxious ,but you cannot recognize easily.

But in all i feel this is the time that i should pick up the broken pieces up ,but again life has not been so easy for me now .I am still lonely ,i did not have the confidence in making freinds as i took my self as an unworthy person .I need my courage and strength back and create friends.
I can give speech now in public ,but i still do not have the confidence to make friends .

My past was crushed ,..............and i am lonelyI

margojata margojata
Aug 4, 2010