Since Childhood

..............I have stuttered all my life but it was particularly bad  til my late teens. I had speech therapy and learned to speak without stuttering.
It can still happen when I'm around people I don't know or when I'm tired or stressed.
It has been getting worse as I get older and I find myself stuttering in situations that I hadn't before.
 Oh well it's just one of  the challenges of life
RitJaCa RitJaCa 46-50, F 28 Responses Jan 8, 2011

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i can relate. I hate it. it's embarrassing especially in group settings. I feel like such an idiot. in the rare moments when I speak articulately people get surprised that I can speak intelligently.

by chance, are you ambidextrous too?

Perhaps when you are close to a love interest? But then maybe it wouldn't be noticed. I mean if you are being kissed right. :)

My best friend still stutters occasionally .. he's a fantastic Human being ...I don't even notice his stuttering....

part of what makes life, and people, interesting..I don't mind waiting for a person to get thought to speech..generally the opposite is true..jabbering without thinking..

My cousin stuttered in his youth and was made to stop people on the street and talk to them. Don't know how but it fixed his stuttering

I only stutter with friends not strangers .as you say it's a challenge :)

I had a mild case when I was young. Literally felt tongue tied sometimes. Now if I feel myself doing it, I have to take a deep breath and start again slowly...Hope you are experiencing less stress or fatigue.

Thanks, I have learned to live with it

Have you tried meditation? Deep breathing and drop your shoulders, total relaxation. You should be lots better:)

I have an old friend that had stuttered badly minister of his pre adult life! The ropy helped as with you, and he only stutters when he is very stressed ! He is a really great person as I am sure you are! People worth persueing friendships with won't mind and you will become comfortable around them and verylikely stop! Good luck and plz add would like to get to know you better!

be confident in yourself..I find when I stutter and stammer its because I have self doubts. I should not..but that's just the way it goes with me. When I believe in myself and what I am saying....

hey i'm 59 and still stutter when i'm with friends and family but not strangers ,on the phone or singing :-)

this gives you a deep caring sensitive compassionate heart, makes us much stronger... thanks for being you.... enjoy ep. and the real world be must be great friend to many. lucky they truly are. brain is a mystery, if we could just fix the wires :) for all that have terrible issues to face everyday! sorry it's not better.

That is interesting. I too "cluttered" amd went through speach therapy. And I too, get to where I will clutter every once in a while. Leave me a note and we can share stories...

For all who had to deal with such issues, or may now be dealing with such issue, I suggest peeking at David Sedaris's books ... or better yet, the tape versions. "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is about his own struggles (make that "adventures") with a lisp. His other writings are mostly about growing up and growing through life, life phase by phase, situation by situation. He's very funny, but it's all 1st person and all about making life work for him, or at least his books I've read. <br />
<br />

I do not stutter, but I am often challenged when speaking with someone new or in a group. I have a hard time finding the right words to say, it is very awkward for me so I tend to try to not get in those types of situations.

I stuttered and lisped as a young boy but fortunately outgrew it. It was embarrassing at the time, but for the past 40 years I have always been complimented on my voice and even better am told very often how sexy it is! LOL

You're right, it's just life's s**t. But it's a shame. Why do you think you're nervous around people. In your profile pic you look pretty and slim, you should be confident

I don't stutter, but I am dyslexia, so I problems talking at times, some words are hard to get out. I don't like it in that some people thing I am stupid.

Have you ever tried to sing? Mel Tillis tells his story about his stuttering.

Well in unfamiliar situations people who don't stutter too can be incoherent, can understand how you might have felt at those times but at this stage in life dont care too much about it there is a lot more to enjoy then worry about this

Everyone is self-conscious about something. Just remember that those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter. :-)

I used to stutter & being embarressed about it just made it worse. When we were in the country, my Dad would stand some distance away & yell me to talk to him from there, he also taught me how to breath properly for public speaking & encouraged me to learn a musical instrument (I chose the french horn). Breathing excesises were important for this too. I managed to overcome my stutter & it only trouble me when I`m tired or have had too much to drink.

I stutter too. I have magainez it's a hevy meatle poisoning that I got at work. It is hard because I didn't stutter till after I was poisoned.

No one is perfect to don't have a mistake

Everybody's got something. No one is perfect. I get tongue tied for no reason.

Thank you for sharing. I had a lisp in childhood and I remember the pain and difficulty of overcoming. My tongue had a mind of its own and I had to side-step 6's in public so I could go hide in a closet to see if I could say them and not sound like "tixes".

Some people's brains and tongues are better connected than others. Others people have better connections between their fingers and brains. Heck, some people can even wiggle their ears. But we all are what we are and just have to find the way to best work with what we have. They aren't character flaws.

I like that you are open about something that would make others feel nervous or vulnerable...we all have something we have had to work on in life. I think your kool

Thank you