Ahhmmm, I Mean..

Hands feeling so clammy, legs wobbling, I feel like I am about to faint. I always had this feeling whenever I  am about to give a presentation in front of my classmates. I am a very timid person, not used to a large crowd, not adept at expressing myself. For me to speak in front of the class is so overwhelming that  whenever it's my turn to speak, God I wish to be somewhere else. If I had an option I rather not do it. If I had to choose between oral or written exams, I will prefer to take the latter. In fact, there was an incident during my 2nd year in college that we were assigned to give individual speeches about, If you we're given three wishes what would it be? Like all the speech/presentation I did before, I can say that my speech is a crap.  I almost run out of words to express myself. In fact during my three minute speech, I remember uttering 25 ahmms, I mean. I was so nervous that I feel like any moment from then I will have an heart attack. But thank God I manage to survive the longest three minute speech of my life.

Two years had passed since then, and I can say that in terms of verbal presentation, I was more confident and more at ease. I really work hard to improve myself in that particular aspect. I try to read more public speaking books, watch videos on giving presentation.s I even engrossed myself in watching foreign shows so that I could improve my English. I also make it a point to practice so that I will look more confident in speaking in front of the class. And it seems that my hard work has paid off. As a proof, I receive high grades in our speech class:which is really a big accomplishment for me. It only proves that there is nothing impossible as long as you work hard, believe in yourself and have the attitude that, "Hey if you can do that, I can also do it."
lachica001 lachica001
18-21, F
Jun 9, 2011