I Hate It, Too.

When I'm talking to someone that I'm not toally comfortable with, I totally stutter and trip over my own words.  Not like, st-st-st-st-st-st-stutter, but I just take forever to say what I'm trying to say and wind up sounding like an idiot in the process.  I'm not an idiot by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely sound like one sometimes.  That's why I like the computer so much - people can't tell that I have to take a second to think before I say something.

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5 Responses Nov 29, 2006

I stutter alot around new people then they look at me like are you ok? due to my anxiety I just would rather not to say anything and therefore look like I'm stuck up.

I have this problem. I am overcoming it. It's not easy, it takes time. What you need to realise is that it's no big deal if you stutter, and in fact people are likely to find it endearing as opposed to freakish (I know may be hard to believe but it's true). So just remember that a good 90% of people are not out to get you, they are mostly caring people who want the best for everyone, and if you find somebody from the 10% that loves to mock others, remind yourself that they cannot be happy people and move on to somebody else.<br />
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It has come as a huge surprise to me to learn that most people are not bad, and most people allow and expect flaws in everyone. So just focus on enjoying your time with the person, focus on the content of the conversation (if this is possible) and the stuttering really will end up nothing to feel self-conscious about and in the end it'll go away as you gain in confidence in your abilities to speak with people :)<br />
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Just remember it doesn't change overnight, it takes time to change thought processes but realise that life is pretty good, and most people are good people (even if they sometimes come out with nasty comments to sound "cool").

I know how you all feel. To me I stutter alot when I am nervious and when I am meeting new people. I don't know how to explane it but it seem like I am not getting enoph breath or some thing and I fill like I am not going to be abble to get the words out. There are ofton time when I am stuck on a word I try to change the word to the same meaning. I dont know if that makes sence. Some thing that I have learnd tho is that you cant give up.

Same here. I have been known to stammer in these situations. It's hard to keep calm &amp; relaxed in uncomortable situations. Excellent post!

MMh feel the same here. I dont repeat my word or sounds a lot. its a dif kind kind of ' stutter' .. I jsut get stuck , and have that knot feeling in my throat. ugh.. perhaps thats why i just avoid talking when I get that chance

Totally agree!