My History

Hi.As far as i remember i suddenly started stuttering at the age of 10. It was nightmare at school. so i devised a strategy. I used to remain as much silent and quite as possible. Reading in the class was the worse situation. over the years fear of speaking became stronger and stronger. then at the age of 23 i decided to do something about it. I went to a speech pathologist.He was a competent person and helped me a lot. but what i got was a mechanical and robotic stance of speaking which i never liked. result was that i lapsed again. my job asked me to talk with lots of people. that helped a little. then i found john harrison book last year. it helped lot. first time i understood the real reason for my problem. so now its been a very intense war . i have good day and bad day. but i am not going to give up. Hopefully one day i will have dissolved it and i would be a public speaker :-). that's my dream and i will try my best to get it
mjpaul mjpaul
31-35, M
Sep 22, 2012