I used to be a talkative kid. Then when I was 9 years old stuttering attacked me like a dark powerful curse. it was like some specific words don't want to come out of my throat. 
Then I stopped talking. I only answered if someone asked question. My friends never made fun of me but my relatives did (they still do sometimes). For some unknown reason, I never felt bad!

Now things are getting worse. I've realized I've to face presentations, interviews. It  really scares the hell out of me. I don't want to stand in front of everyone on stage and stutter. It's my worst nightmare.

I naturally don't stutter when I'm talking to my classmates or unknown people. But I always get scared what if I stutter! But when any teacher asks me anything I start stuttering, my words betray me. 

Sometimes I feel really frustrated thinking that I can't even speak properly! 
And sometimes I think maybe it's good for others because there is a lot I'd say to them if I was able to speak fluently, a lot of stuffs that they can't digest easily.

Now, I kind of don't regret it anymore but whenever I think about future presentations I feel goosebumps all over my body.
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I found early on there was no way to hide my stuttering. When called on to stand & make a presentation, I found the courage to do my best knowing those present were already aware of my problem. Quite often someone, usually female, would provide some sort of support afterward...praise on content, the approach used in the presentation or something positive...showing they had listened & learned. I still remember their names & am thankful for their understanding.

well, thats my problem too : thats why i talk less :O

you too!? :O
i think we can encourage each other and improve ourselves!

yes or sometimes i talk so fast !!!! my frnd cant even understand what i said to them :D