Once... Only Once...

Well sometimes I might struggle to say a word, but that's mostly because I get distracted and not because I stutter.

But once I did stutter.

It was in school during a Swedish class.
I had raised my hand to say something, and just before the teacher called on me I looked at the girl in my class with whom I was deeply and terribly in love with and who had utterly crushed my heart 6 month before this incidence.

I knew exactly what I was going to say (it was an answer to some kind of question the teacher had given us), and I started speaking. It went well, I had already gone through 6 month of intense depression and dismay.... Until... I got to the last word... I tried to pronounce the word, but my mouth jammed. I automatically repeated the first syllable of the word and I couldn't abort it.... It was scary, not to have any control over one's speech...

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3 Responses Aug 3, 2007

I think that happens to all of us.

Now see, that's what happens when I get mad, right before I kick someones butt. Lol, I need anger management.

That's O O o Ok ;) things like that happend all the frigging time